Our Services

1.     Earth Station Setup, VSAT Antenna Installation & Commissioning

2.      Internet Cafe.

3.     Wi-Fi Network Around the City for Unlimited Internet to Mobile and Computers

4.     P2P Radio Link Installation. Head Office to Remote Office Connectivity

5.     Broadband Internet Connections by UTP Cable Network

6.     IT Support To the Customers.

7.     IT Training.

8.     Website Design

9.     Domain Registration

10.    Mail Setup and Support

11.    IPTV over LAN

12.    VOIP, IP Phone Services

13.    Security Camera with DVR and NVR

14.    Internet Banking

15.    Call Center

16.    Value Added Services (VAS)

17.    ERP Software Solution

18.    Hardware Software Solutions

19.     Network LAN, WAN & MAN with L2 & L3 Solutions for Internet and Data